“Since starting Farringdon Group in 2007, I have had the pleasure of being part of the management team dedicated to growing this company into a successful and leading Private Wealth Management company in Asia. I am proud to have such a great team of professional and committed advisors working at Farringdon, who always put the client’s needs first and who always offer the best advice, which is only in the client’s best interest.”


Andrew Bartlett is the Managing Director and Principal Officer of Farringdon Group’s HQ in Kuala Lumpur. Farringdon Group is a leading provider of financial management, tax planning and banking solutions for any astute investor or corporate organization.

Andrew was born and educated in the UK. Throughout his time offshore, Andrew has continued his professional development and holds qualifications from the Securities Investment Institute, the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Singapore College of Insurance.

Andrew has studied and worked within the Financial Services sector since 2004 and has held posts in Russia, Kazakhstan and S.E. Asia. Andrew is well known for his dedication, honesty and integrity when dealing with clients and his staff, and has helped develop Farringdon Group’s outstanding reputation.

As one of the original founders of the company, Andrew is always looking to develop and expand the scope of services Farringdon offers its clients, as well as expand the number of regional offices and workforce throughout the region.

Andrew is dedicated to providing unparalleled advice, client servicing and developing long standing relationships with his clients. He understands that each client is an individual, each with unique needs and goals and as such, provides every client with bespoke advice and management.

It is Andrew’s dedication to excellence, which he also instills within his team, that has helped propel Farringdon Group to become one of the best, and most highly regarded names in the region.

In his role as Compliance Officer, Andrew ensures that the company is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the regulator and is informed of any policy revisions or updates. Andrew also regularly meets with industry regulators and partakes in regulatory review meetings to help ensure the Financial Services sector, as a whole, is serving the clients' best interests.


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