For expatriates, one of the most stressful times will be the eventual return to your home country: terminating the lease on your property and having it redecorated prior to your return; organising the shipment of your personal effects; preparing for your new job at home; arranging your children's schooling...the list goes on. When you return there will eventually be a tax return to fill in outlining your investments, earnings, capital gains etc. If you have not prepared yourself you could be in for a nasty shock or more to the point a costly one.

Where Farringdon can help is by looking at your investments and how they are structured. We will then assess your country’s tax regulations in terms of investment and tax liabilities and then make recommendations as to how you can structure your assets for tax efficiency. This may involve the use of trusts to protect your assets and even to take them out of your estate altogether.

The tax regimes of countries are constantly changing and becoming more widespread in terms of offshore investments. If you are looking to return to your home country in the next twelve to eighteen months, then we strongly recommend you start looking at your investments now and begin the process of protecting your assets.

If you have a query regarding your eventual repatriation back to your home country or offshore tax planning, please email us and we will be happy to review your situation and provide some personal tax planning ideas for you.