It is important to ensure your health and financial well-being are protected while you are living and working outside of your home country. Depending on where you are based and where you travel, local medical facilities can be very basic, expensive or inaccessible.  With global medical costs increasing rapidly, if something serious were to happen it could soon dent your savings having to pay for treatment. Health Insurance may therefore be the most essential insurance for expatriates.

Health Insurance should at the very least cover you for hospitalization treatment, and evacuation to a medical centre of excellence when you are in a remote location or one with inadequate medical facilities. Higher levels of cover can also include GP visits, and routine procedures such as Dental, Annual Health Checks and Maternity.

Farringdon Group can recommend international health insurance plans from several different providers that will best suit you and your family’s needs. Please contact us for a meeting for more information or to discuss your requirements.