Your Leisure

What is your lifestyle? Do you think twice before doing anything adventurous, or maybe you are a risk taker and are game for any sport? Do you enjoy planning exciting and interesting sports activities for your family? You are most likely in the prime of your professional career or your children are finally old enough to enjoy the outdoors with you, whatever it is, sports and leisure activities are essential to one’s well-being. More importantly, protecting yourself and your family while enjoying these activities literally will take a load of your mind.

Accidents, no matter how careful you are, have a chance of happening and you don’t want to leave such things to chance. Be smart, plan ahead and protect yourself and your loved ones to ensure the only worry you have during your fun time together is whether to go for another game!

Our leisure protection covers travel, adventure and sports for both business and personal. Contact us for more details on advising the most suitable coverage for you.

We will also be introducing community social events for our clients to unwind and a chance for us to get to know you better, watch this space for updates.


Travel Insurance

Most times travel insurance is not included in your holiday travel plans, and if it is it requires some serious concentration time to find out what is and isn’t covered and to understand the fine print. Holiday plans should be about the destination and finding the best accommodation for your special holiday, which takes a fair amount of time anyway. We have done the same for travel insurance hence we offer a variety of travel insurance solutions to meet the travel needs of most clients.

Coverage can be arranged on a per-day, per-trip or annualised basis; can be individual, family or for corporate travel; global or regionally focused; for business, sports and vocational travel; can include baggage and flight cancellation options; personal accident and medical evacuation; and can even cater for ‘hot-spot’ destinations.


Worldwide Travel Options - buy online and save 5%

IHI Bupa offers the best possible protection if you have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury when travelling. In case you need to see a doctor, or if you are hospitalised, IHI Bupa will help you in any way possible. 


Feel Safe When Travelling 

You can choose a travel insurance which covers one single trip, or you can choose to be covered all year round on all your trips abroad, for up to 1 month per trip.


Your Cover Options

With Worldwide Travel Options we offer you a travel insurance that allows you to tailor your own travel insurance policy. The medical cover is a mandatory part of your package. On top of that you can enhance your cover by choosing the Non-Medical Option and the Trip Cancellation Option.


  • ihi Bupa’s own Medical Centre (24-hour emergency service)
  • Direct payment of all hospital bills
  • Access to our medical consultants
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Full cover with no deductible
  • Worldwide cover during all types of travel: leisure, study and business
  • Free cover of children under the age of two
  • No restrictions on hazardous sports or occupations (except motorsports)
  • Even accidents resulting from terrorist acts are covered
  • With our annual travel option you get access to your personal website myPage where you will find your policy documents, recent claims and health and wellbeing services



Adventure Insurance

Many travel and healthcare policies operate limitations or exclusions for ‘Adventure’ activities. Additionally, insurance definitions and interpretations can sometimes only become crystal clear after a claim is rejected by the insurer. In light of these realities and experiences of clients before they came to Farringdon Group, we have made the effort to design a simple, wide-ranging, and cost-effective Adventure Insurance policy with one of our insurance partners.

While the core aspects of our Adventure Insurance product focuses upon school students (age 18 or less), we can cater for adults too. Minimum cover value is USD 100,000 up to a maximum of USD 500,000 where needed. Cover is available on a per-day/per-person basis (min 5days, max 1year) thus delivering maximum flexibility. There is no deductible, and covers in-patient and out-patient medical expenses including evacuation up to the specified cover limits.

The range of Adventure activities covered under the policy is very extensive, which it needs to be. At this time, we are unable to provide on-line purchase facilities for this cover, therefore if you are interested, please do contact us for a quotation and service.


Sports Insurance

No matter the type of sport you play, there is always the risk of injury. Of course, with any contact sport, this risk is much higher. While you cannot protect or avoid this risk of injury to your person whenever you enter the ‘field of battle’, you can protect yourself against the financial impact of an injury, and so ensure that whatever medical care you need is not determined by or limited by your bank balance or credit limit. And the best time to be considering your sport-coverage needs is now, rather than after you are injured or being carried off the field en-route to the hospital!

Almost all our International Healthcare policies will cover most recreational sports and activities in your resident country, subject to certain conditions or exclusions (e.g. not professional sports or motor related sports). Local healthcare will often exclude sport entirely from their coverage. It should be noted though that many International Healthcare policies do limit or restrict coverage for sports related injury where these occur outside your country of residence. And it was for this reason that Farringdon Group invested a great deal of effort and time in building our Sports Insurance as a stand-alone or Supplemental provision to meet our clients’ needs when they participate in sports or higher-risk recreational activities outside their country of residence

As an example, our customised Sports Insurance has been providing most of the Aussie-Rules Football Teams in Asia with quality medical protection when they travel overseas for their games and championships. In fact, we have seen two very serious player injuries (both requiring immediate surgery) to players while on the field, and the policy not only met 100% of the costs but also replaced their return flight tickets once they were discharged. 

Our Sports Insurance solution is available on a per-person per-day basis. In most cases, we organise and liaise with your Team Organiser rather than each player separately. If you are a sports-person and you feel that you and your team may not be adequately protected on the field, do please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements with us.


Cover Basics

The IHI-BUPA policy was adapted and customised from a Travel Insurance policy to cover you and your team on and off the field when you travel overseas. This does mean that it can only cover you for treatment required outside your country of normal residence. Hence, once you return back home, coverage and validity ceases, and your regular insurer shall take over and provide coverage for you there on. 

You can also read your policy’s general terms and conditions by downloading the following documents: IHI-BUPA Coverage and IHI-BUPA Brochure.

In summary, the 4 Essential points to remember during the coverage period: 

  1. Carry your cover-note on your person at all times (or in your kit-bag when on field)
  2. Get immediate medical treatment in the event of acute injury/illness during your coverage period
  3. Contact IHI/Bupa or Lighthouse if you have a query/question relating to the medical event
  4. Complete your treatment before returning to your normal country of residence. If this results in you missing your return flight, the insurance will replace it provided the claim is valid. 


Your Cover Includes:

  • Emergency and outpatient treatment
  • Free choice of hospital
  • Hospitalisation
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Medical evacuation / repatriation
  • Cover limit is USD 300,000 each trip


What’s the Process?

Your team plans the number of players travelling and the cover period needed, and we issue your personal cover-note to you directly. These cover-notes ensure you are accepted without question at the hospital once you arrive. Your team organiser will also be provided details of persons covered – a worthy precaution