Farringdon International Will Writing Service

As part of any comprehensive wealth management strategy, it is essential to have a valid Will in place. Having a Will allows Farringdon to ensure that your family is protected and your assets are passed on properly should the worst happen to you. However, as an expatriate it can be difficult to get a Will. If you have assets in a number of jurisdictions it can be nearly impossible to decide on what type of will you need.

Farringdon works with a wide array of international experts in Will writing to ensure that our clients have the most suitable arrangement in place for the jurisdictions they hold assets in. Each client’s Will is handled on a personalized basis by a Will writing professional. We strongly recommend and encourage our clients to benefit from this service, because Wills are an integral part of financial planning and complement other areas of financial advice and tax planning.

Making an International Will

International Wills cover common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. In our experience this type of Will can cover most of our clients’ assets. However, there are jurisdictions such as France than may require additional financial planning to avoid succession issues. As part of our international Will consultation, we will examine any issues you may have in order to provide you with a comprehensive succession plan that will avoid putting your family through the lengthy and expensive process of probate in numerous jurisdictions.  

Will Writing - the next step

The next step is to contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Will writing experts. They will guide you through the whole process, leading to the production of the documents that you require for legal purposes.